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This type of account is intended only for licensed travel agencies and tour operators.
The account will allow tour operators to place travel services on the Universe Travel Network platform, and travel agencies and travel agents to advertise and sell any travel services that are hosted on the platform from different suppliers.
Tour operators can add their tours, excursions, resorts, etc. tourist services. Independent Agents and travel Agencies registered on a platform from around the world will advertise your travel services for a fee. Licensed travel agencies registered on the platform are partners and from each sale of travel services suppliers receive partnership 50% of the profit, i.e. from the commissions that the tour operator has officially indicated. All licensed travel agencies immediately begin with the PARTNER stage. Thus, the Agency can also register its independent Agents on the platform and receive 20% of profits from their transactions.
This is a type of account for tourists, travelers, tourist groups and other customers.
Client - Buyer of tourist services. Customer. Tourist. The client receives information about travel services from an independent agent of the company and other representatives of the company directly or through their advertising, Internet sites, social networks, articles, links, banners, flyers, etc.
The client registers on the site in order to receive the most advantageous offers from his agent and from the company itself and its suppliers partners. After registration, the customer may also collect special bonuses for discounts or free services with his orders. For example, for several purchased tours or cruises, such a client can receive a $ 150 bonus in the form of a loan for the following orders or one free tour. Every time a client acquires travel services in the company, points are awarded to him.
Any visitor to the Universe Travel website or a registered buyer who is interested in additional income or in business is a potential Partner and can become an Agent of the company for the purpose of permanent or additional income. In this case, he is registered with the company indicating his status as "Agent" and indicates his mentor. If the buyer appears on the Universe Travel website through an advertising or other link in the account of one of the company’s agents, then this Agent becomes a mentor and this relationship is saved automatically. To start a business and participate in the tourism business project of Universe Travel, you need to register on the platform. After registration, the Agent can advertise any travel services on the platform from different suppliers and receive 25% of the profit of each transaction for customer orders. The agent can also participate in career development through the network marketing system. After registration, the Agent can build its team, it can receive the required compensation in the form of 25% of the profit of transactions from the sold services, and each such transaction accumulates points (V.P.) for the agent to move up the career ladder. An agent cannot receive dividends from his team until he moves to the Partner level. To become a Partner of a company, you must fulfill the conditions of the Marketing of the company or make a deposit for your future trip or cruise in the amount of $ 500. The Agent can use its deposit for any travel services from any provider on the platform at any time. If the Agent is a private guide, then such an Agent can exhibit its travel services in the form of private excursions, if they fit the rules and policies of the company and the laws of the countries where these services will be sold through the Universe platform. The average income of the Agent can range up to $ 1000 per month, depending on the activity and employment of the Agent. All transactions of the Agent during the calendar month accumulate personal P.V.P. points. (Personal Volume Points) and all transactions of the Agents team of this Agent also accumulate G.V.P. group points during the calendar month. (Group Volume Points). By purchasing or selling travel services indicated on the website of Universe Travel and typing 1000 P.V.P. or 5000 G.V.P. during any calendar month, the Agent will automatically move to the next step in the career ladder. You can get your commission even in the case of only one transaction, but only once a month.
Agents have only one type of income: 25% of the profits of personal sales and transactions.
Other types of income and higher% plus dividends from the team, Agents receive at other stages of career growth, starting from the Partner level, after fulfilling the conditions of Marketing.
* All percentages are calculated from profits indicated by suppliers!

This type of account is suitable for those who work as a private guide and would like to exhibit their tours and copyright tours on the Universe Travel platform. For their services of a private guide, guides receive the indicated cost of services directly from tourists on the day of the tour at the meeting. Deposit, as a guarantee of the order, tourists pay in advance on the platform.
Registered private guides can simultaneously be agents and participate in the promotion of both their travel services on the Universe Travel platform, and any other provider on general marketing conditions for all.
1. The "investor" is the participant in the platform, who will have 2 personal "directors" during any calendar month.
2. "Investor" receives 90% of personal transactions to its "Clients", 60% of all transactions of the structure of its personal "Agents" and 40% of all transactions of the structure of its "Partners" and 30% of all structures of its "Managers" and 20 % of all its "SV" and 10% of the structure of its Directors + 1% annual bonus from all its Investors below.
* All interest is not calculated from the amount of the transaction or goods, but from the amount of profit of the transaction!
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